Cyphert and Saxy, what a combo!

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Played with up and coming powerhouse “Cyphert” a group of real class guys who take care of business on the big stage and have fun doing it! Check out their new EP titled cloud cover too.

What a week!

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The week began at Michael D’s Italian restaurant, where we partied like rock stars with Eric Brooke. After a couple of days I had the pleasure of playing with Purdue saxophonist Greg Heinle at the Barrel Room Wine & Beer Bar, where staff and customers are always a pleasure to interact with.  Brought the house…

Playing with Legends

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I am always amazed when I am given the chance to, not only meet but also play with music icons who have paved the way for musicians such as myself. With being a professional saxophonist for only one year, it just blows me away when i receive calls from true legends of the art. Recently…

Life’s treasures

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As a full time dad and professional musician, I am afforded the opportunity to spend valuable time with my children, in large blocks of time. I respect the responsibility that comes with being a parent greatly, and would never give up my rights as a father! Being a parent is mostly a thankless role but…

From 80° to 60° in less than 24 hours

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I’m back in Ohio and it’s cold in June, wishing i was still on the beach in Myrtle, South Carolina! I had the pleasure of playing with good friends Larry Rambaud Dennis & Ashley Gerrald and new friend RJ. Even had the opportunity to play with the Craig Woolard Band: one of the best beach…

I love what I do!!!

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I must apologize that there has been very little activity updates on the site but I have been having computer issues.  On a positive note, the baseball season has begun for my boys and they are well on their way to a great season.  Although they have 10 additional games this year, for a total…

First Friday Highlight

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A great work moment!

A musician’s life

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It is a great feeling to know that we as musician’s have the ability to enhance the lives of others by way of music. I am always blown away when someone says something like this to me, “I was having a pretty rough day but your music has helped me to move beyond what I…

Sara Smile by Rob Thompson

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