I must apologize that there has been very little activity updates on the site but I have been having computer issues.  On a positive note, the baseball season has begun for my boys and they are well on their way to a great season.  Although they have 10 additional games this year, for a total of 30, ugh 🙂 I do love to watch them playing and having a good time out there. It has been a pretty busy month for me as well, the private party season is upon us and there are some great opportunities for sax playing, I am available for golf outings, weddings, barbecues, pool parties, boating excursions etc. etc. just give me a call and we can settle your live music needs with no problems.

A musician’s life

It is a great feeling to know that we as musician’s have the ability to enhance the lives of others by way of music. I am always blown away when someone says something like this to me, “I was having a pretty rough day but your music has helped me to move beyond what I was dealing with and provided me a breath of fresh air!” Just priceless really because I am playing out my pain and emotions through music as a way of escape, but it also helps others to do the same. I absolutely love what I do, I thank God for the talents that he has given me.