The Barrel Room Wine and Beer Bar

I love the great atmosphere that this place delivers, not only does it have great staff it’s always filled with some of the best clientele and customers a business could ask for. If you have an opportunity to check it out, take it because it’ll be worthwhile.  They have wine from all over the world, both international and domestics, and beers in the same capacity. Stop in and relax, they will welcome you in with open arms. Throughout the summer they will have food trucks available also to satisfy your evening cravings, such as sushi on a roll.

What a week!

The week began at Michael D’s Italian restaurant, where we partied like rock stars with Eric Brooke. After a couple of days I had the pleasure of playing with Purdue saxophonist Greg Heinle at the Barrel Room Wine & Beer Bar, where staff and customers are always a pleasure to interact with.  Brought the house down at the Firehouse Bar and Grille in Massillon, with GM Kevin fun, fun. Met the great staff and customers at the Back Alley with Bret Kuhnash, as they danced around to the tunes. Experienced the intimate atmosphere of Vinoteca Wine Bar with Owners Sash and Rekha, along with a great crowd.  Some weeks are full of action, and I say “keep them coming”!